It is no secret that there are many health benefits of water and it seems like one of them is looking more youthful. Based on statement of a woman who underwent the Water Challenge, cold tap water from the sink just might be the fountain of youth.

Water can give energy, help in digestion, and even aid in keeping your internal systems functioning correctly. When it comes to your face, there is a chance that water can remove fine lines and give you a balanced skin tone that you’ve always wanted. To confirm whether the challenge is real or not, five women took the test where they drink eight glasses of water daily for one month. The glass can hold about 16 ounces of water, so around a gallon or 128 ounces will be consumed per day.

Here is what happened:

Woman #1 from Kentucky: Lindsey

Drink Water Younger 1

The results were not immediately noticeable, but Lindsey claims she felt and looked more refreshed every morning after waking up. Also, she noticed she had better breath even though she preferred to drink six glasses a day, instead of eight glasses.

Woman #2 from Maryland: Kristin

Drink Water Younger 4

Before the challenge, Kristin only drank water during meals and when she was at the gym. However, when she started drinking more water, she had to pee more, which made it bad for her because she travels for work. Still, the advantages were clear – her forehead has fewer pimples and the eczema spots on her legs went away.

Woman #3 from Pennsylvania: Rachel

Drink Water Younger 3

This woman not only see changes in her appearance, she said that she is also less bloated and was able to shed three pounds in one month.

Woman #4 from South Carolina: Jordan

Drink Water Younger 2

This woman is a bit skeptic of the changes because she doesn’t think there are changes in her appearance. She also felt a bit bloated whenever she drinks a lot of water in such a short time. However, she did confirm that she lost three pounds even though she did not exercise much. Also, when she looks in the mirror, she thinks she lost some of the fine lines on her face.

Woman #5 from Missouri: Tiffany

Drink Water Younger 5

When Tiffany started drinking more water, she began to crave more for it. At the end of the month, she noticed her sodium balance was back to normal and many of the impurities have been flushed out. She also observed that her skin is no longer dry and sallow, instead she has smoother skin. The fine lines, particularly her crow’s feet were not that visible anymore.

In general, drinking water will not make you look 10 or 20 years younger. However, you would definitely see a good change and you can look better as you age because of how water helps the body flush out toxins.


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