The concept known as food synergy suggests that some foods should always go together if you want to really take advantage of proper nutrition from what you consume. Some foods are designed to work together, which include the following:

1. Green Tea + Lemon: When you add lemon juice to your tea, you are actually increasing the benefits of the catechins in your drink up to five times more.

2. Black Beans + Red Bell Pepper: Black beans are rich in iron and red bell peppers are great sources of vitamin C. Iron from plants is not readily absorbed by the body as the iron found in meats. When the iron-rich plant you eat is combined with vitamin C, it becomes six times stronger. Other sources of iron are leafy greens, legumes, and artichokes, while vitamin C-rich foods include tomatoes and citrus fruits.

3. Avocados + Tomatoes: The monounsaturated fat in avocados can boost the lycopene in tomatoes up to four times more effective. Lycopene is known to fight cancers. Additionally, beta-carotene becomes three times more effective when you eat avocados together with tomatoes.

4. Dark Chocolate + Apples: Quercetin, which is found in apples that can control inflammatory reactions of the body, can be improved in quantity when you eat dark chocolates. Eat the two as a part of your snack to fight blood clots, reduce your heart disease risk, and promote better circulation.

5. Bananas + Yogurt: A smoothie that contains yogurt and bananas can help with the absorption of amino acids and glucose, which aids in muscle repair. This is great to snack on after an intensive workout routine.

6. Asparagus + Parmesan: Asparagus has inulin, which is a form of fiber that has the ability to balance the good bacteria levels in the body. Meanwhile, parmesan is rich in calcium. When combined, inulin increases the capacity of the body to absorb calcium, making this a great combo to have a healthy stomach and improved bone health.

7. Cantaloupe + Yogurt: For better immunity, add cantaloupe whenever you eat some yogurt. The fruit has vitamin A that wards off viruses, while yogurt is rich in zinc. However, when you pair the two, you get 100% of the vitamin.

These seven combinations will not only provide you with great-tasting foods that will surely excite your palate, but also give you the maximum benefits that you can get to have better health.


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