During the allergy season, you probably wake up every day with a stuffy nose. You can’t breathe like you normally do and your eyes itch. Overall, it is not a fun experience, which is why you probably have your medications within your reach. However, there is this one simple trick that will help relieve you from sinus infection.

How Sinus Irritations Occur

When the lining of the sinus cavities get infected, they become inflamed. Sometimes, bacteria and viruses cause this. As a result, the nasal passages are blocked and you eventually find yourself having difficulty in breathing. There’s no reason for you to panic if you have sinus congestion because this usually clears up within one week. However, you would definitely prefer 20 seconds over one week.

Clearing Your Sinuses within 20 Seconds

Here are easy steps on how to solve your sinus problem:

Step 1: Feel the roof of your mouth by applying pressure there using your tongue.

Step 2: Position your thumb right at the space between your eyebrows.

Step 3: Finding the right place for your thumb, apply pressure there for 20 seconds.

Step 4: Feel your sinuses draining.

Why This is an Effective Method

This is truly useful and it does help you breathe back to normal again. The science behind this method is due to its assistance to the vomer bone, so it can go back and forth. The vomer bone is the hard bone that can be found around the nasal passages up to your mouth. According to Professor Lisa DeStefano of the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, allowing the vomer bone to go back and forth can loosen congestion. In short, the sinuses drain, so you can breathe easily again.

Sinus infection? There's a fast solution.
Sinus infection? There’s a fast solution.

Note though that although in some people the results are instant, there are some who have to exert a bit more effort to get the desired results. It is important for those with sinus infection to stop eating spicy foods and making sure to drink enough water.

Other Ways to Relieve Sinus Infections

You can bolster the positive results of the trick above by performing the following methods:

  1. Use apple cider vinegar. Mix two tablespoons of ACV and eight ounces of warm water. Add a tablespoon of honey if you wish.
  2. Use turmeric. With its active ingredient, curcumin, turmeric can relieve you from sinus infection. Just add it to your next meal and you will feel better.
  3. Use oregano oil. You can either steam it and inhale it or ingest it to clear up your sinuses.

The 20-second trick can help you feel better, so you don’t have to keep sniffing, sneezing, and blowing your nose the whole day. Do the other methods above as well to ensure the infection goes away really fast.


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