There are many nations around the world that consider rice as the lifeblood of their cuisines. With this, it may be said that rice is the most ubiquitous food on the planet. Rice is quite popular due to several reasons, including the fact that it is malleable – it can be paired with almost any food. Plus, it is cheap. However, there is one flaw: just like other starchy foods, rice is not good for the body. Consuming a lot of rice, especially white rice, can result to higher risk of diabetes. Note as well that one cup of cooked rice already has 200 calories in the form of starch. When the body metabolizes this type of calories, it turns into sugar, which will then become body fat.

Tweaking Rice for Your Health

Fortunately, scientists have discovered a way to modify rice so that it can be a little bit healthier. A student at the College of Chemical Sciences Sri Lanka, along with his mentor, has found out method that allows you to cook rice and eat it without almost half of its original calorie content. Additionally, the duo has also discovered that there are added benefits for your health when you choose this cooking method.

How to Reduce Calories in Rice

The cooking method is quite simple and yet it ingeniously manipulates chemistry. It involves a few easy steps:

1. Measure the amount of rice you intend to cook.

2. Get the three percent equivalent of the rice’s weight you want to cook.

3. Cook rice as you usually do.

4. When you see that water is boiling, do not add the raw rice.

5. Have coconut oil ready and pour it when the water is boiling. Make sure that the amount of coconut oil you add to the rice is three percent of its weight.

6. After the rice is cooked, turn off the heat and let it cool in the refrigerator for half a day or 12 hours.

This trick is applicable to all types of rice, even Japan's popular red rice
This trick is applicable to all types of rice, even Japan’s popular red rice

How Does This Work?

To put it simply, not all starches are equal as there are some that are digestible while others are resistant. Some researchers now believe it is possible to modify the starch type of the food based on how they are prepared. In this case, adding a lipid or the coconut oil changes the composition of rice to help you achieve better health by lowering the calories in it.


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