A plethora of studies have already proven the link between pesticides and health concerns in humans, such as cancer, ADHD, birth defects, and infertility. However, consumers are still more disturbed about the prices that come with buying organic foods. The Palmbergs, a Swedish family of five, underwent an experiment conducted by the Swedish Environmental Research IVL. The study compelled them to eat organic food only for two weeks.

The Experiment and the Results

The Palmberg family had never eaten anything organic because of the costs of organic food. Before the experiment started, a urine sample from each family member was taken and it was discovered that all of them had eight out of 12 pesticides in their systems. It was indeed as if they were ingesting pesticides willingly.

The Palmbergs then substituted their regular food with 100% organics for two straight weeks. After the period, new urine samples were taken from each of them – and the results were astounding. Almost all the pesticides were gone in just a matter of 14 days.

If you care about your family, it is time to stop eating pesticide-grown foods, which only contribute to poor health. Instead, opt for organic choices. They may cost more, but they actually help save you from paying hospital bills in the future.

Watch video called The Organic Effect below:


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