If you have baking powder in your pantry, you probably just use it for your homemade baked goods. It turns out that this kitchen staple is actually a cheap DIY alternative to many treatments, ranging from expensive spa treatments to cheap home remedies.

Here are different baking powder uses that may surprise you:

1. Make your skin softer. Add half a cup of baking powder to your bath water, which will result to having a softer skin.

2. Deodorize your armpits. This is one of the most surprising uses of baking powder. To use as a deodorant, put three tablespoons of the powder to a bowl and add three to five drops of any essential oil. Mix and apply using a powder puff.

3. Make your face and your body softer and smoother through scrubbing. Put a tablespoon of baking powder to your hand and mix with two to three tablespoons of water. Massage to your face for at least a minute. Do so in circular motions and rinse to remove the powder. As for your body, mix three tablespoons of baking powder with three tablespoons of water and one tablespoon of milled oatmeal. This will instantly hydrate and refresh your body, making it smoother and younger-looking with continuous use.

4. Clean your hair. Regularly shampooing your hair can cause it to be dry. Instead of using commercial shampoos, baking powder is actually a good alternative. Cleanse your hair and remove residues of styling products by washing your hair with a tablespoon of the powder and a tablespoon of your shampoo. Rinse thoroughly and you will notice how squeaky clean your hair has become.

5. Cleanse your mouth. Baking powder is great for your oral health. You can turn it into a mouth wash by mixing one teaspoon of the powder and adding three drops of eucalyptus essential oil. A good alternative to eucalyptus is peppermint. If you want to whiten your teeth, baking powder can be used as an alternative to commercial toothpastes. Brush lightly in circular motions for at least two minutes. Don’t do this every day though as this could damage your tooth enamel.Baking Poweder

6. Scrub surfaces and make them sparkling clean. You can also use baking powder for cleaning your tiles, sinks, and tubs in your bathroom. It can also be used to glossy tiles and fiberglass. Just sprinkle the powder on a damp sponge and start scrubbing.

Baking powder is not only a leavening agent that can be used on biscuits and cakes; you can use it to beautify yourself and even as a cleaner for your home.


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