If you have cracked heels, you’re not alone. This is often a very common problem that can range in severity from just a simple cosmetic concern to a painful issue. When you have cracked heels, you have dry and thickened skin that can be accompanied by other problems, such as redness, peeling skin, inflammation, and itching. While it is not something pleasant, there is good news to this: you can treat cracked heels with home remedies.

You don’t need to visit the pharmacy to solve your cracked heel problem. Here are the natural remedies you can try:

1. Using Vegetable Oil

Step 1: Soak your feet in water with soap and start scrubbing them using pumice stone.

Step 2: Wash your feet and thoroughly dry them with a towel.

Step 3: Apply the vegetable oil of your choice as generously as you can. Don’t miss spots on your soles and heels.

Step 4: Put on your socks and cover your feet as you sleep at night.

You can choose from different varieties of vegetable oil, including olive oil, coconut oil, or sesame oil. Repeat the steps for a few nights before you go to bed for best results.

2. Using Rice Flour

Remove that nasty and ugly cracked heel naturally
Remove that nasty and ugly cracked heel naturally

Step 1: Take a handful of ground rice.

Step 2: Add two to three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and hone.

Step 3: Make a thick paste out of the mixture by continuously stirring until desired texture is achieved.

Step 4: Soak feet in warm water for at least 10 minutes and scrub with the paste you made.

Rice flour is a great way to exfoliate the dead skin on your feel and heels. This can prevent and treat cracked and dry feet. If your cracked heels are too dry, add sweet almond oil or olive oil to the mixture.

3. Using Lemons

Step 1: Add lemon juice to warm water.

Step 2: Soak your feet in lemon and water combination.

Step 3: Use your pumice stone to scrub the heels

Step 4: Complete the process by washing your feet and drying them with a towel.

This method is very easy and yet effective. However, it is important that you don’t use very hot water as this can cause your feet to be even drier.

As you can see, the steps for each home remedy are very easy to follow. Doing the methods above on a regular basis can help you soften your rough skin and eventually get rid of the cracked heel problem.


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