You’re probably gunning for a job promotion or you are trying to impress your boss. Whatever it is, it can be difficult for you to turn down some tasks. Unfortunately, this can affect your performance and your mentality as well. Needless to say, it’s not fun to feel overwhelmed when you are at work.

Whether your job is really challenging or you have a project with a looming deadline, here are some of the best ways to handle a stressful day at work:

1. Take a Break.

If you think everything is too much for you, why not stand up, leave your desk, and take a deep breath? Stay away from your co-employees for a while and enjoy peace at a quiet place. This will help you to reset how you are feeling and you will eventually be more prepared when you get back to work.

2. Drink Water.

Admit it – you drink coffee instead of water. You probably even prefer sugary drinks, such as energy drinks and fruit juices, when you are at work over water. Many people feel stressed about their work because they are dehydrated. If you haven’t had a gulp of water for an hour now, it is time for you to rehydrate yourself. Drink water whenever you are feeling down and you will soon become much calmer when you head back to work.

3. Practice the “Three System.”

Once you’ve reset your mind and body, it is time to handle stress and one of the best ways is to know your priorities. You can do this by practicing the three system where you categorize your tasks into three. First, you should know which ones have the most disastrous penalties if you don’t carry them out right away. Second, pick those that have bad consequences, but do not necessarily lead to catastrophic events. And finally, choose those that you can safely ignore.

Overworked? We got you covered.
Overworked? We got you covered.

4. Get Ready to Get Back to Work.

Before you sit down and begin working again, you should first prepare your surroundings. You can do a number of things, including having some feel-good music to listen to and telling other people that you shouldn’t be disturbed. It also helps if your phone is off or at least in airplane mode, so no one and no update can interrupt you.

When you feel like you’re about to lose it, always remember these four things, especially the first one. Don’t forget that control is about keeping your workload and yourself organized. Be honest about what you feel and know the amount of work you can handle. Now, you can face your tasks and finish them with flying colors.


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