Do you want to know the secrets of one of the oldest persons in modern history?

Bernardo LaPallo has an amazing story. LaPallo is from Mesa, Arizona, who was born in 1901 and is now 113 years old. If you think he is bedridden and inactive, then you are absolutely wrong! The man is healthy and claims he feels great every day. Observers even note that he looks much younger with a wrinkle-free skin.

So what’s his secret? According to LaPallo, he has never been sick a day in his life and he credits his long, healthy life to obedience and moderation. Plenty of guides exist to lead a person to have a healthier lifestyle, but LaPallo chose to inherit the recipe from his father who was a doctor with disciplined mindset.

The Longevity Recipe

The 113-year-old man from Arizona believes his good health comes from getting enough rest, walking every day, and eating right. “You are what you eat,” LaPallo says as he reveals the five foods he eats to keep him healthy:

1. Garlic: If garlic isn’t part of your daily routine, perhaps you should start now. This spice has so many health benefits as proven by countless studies. In fact, it has been used since the ancient times to boost the immune system, fight infections, and prevent cancer.

2. Olive Oil: This type of oil has beneficial fats that are good for the body, particularly the heart and brain. Olive oil can help prevent cognitive decline and reduce the risk of cardiovascular illnesses. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can lead to a cancer-free life. Since olive oil can also be applied topically, LaPallo says that he uses olive oil religiously to keep his skin smooth.

3. Raw Honey: LaPallo also applauds honey because it can fight seasonal allergies and boost immune system. However, the most important fact about the substance is that it is high in antioxidants that can help get rid of damaging free radicals. Honey can also treat acne, rashes, and wounds when applied to the skin.

4. Chocolate: One of the most loved foods, chocolates are not only delectable sweets, but they are also healthy when moderately consumed. The cacao, which is the main ingredient of chocolates, has antioxidants, flavanols, and anti-inflammatory compounds.

You can age like Bernardo LaPallo if you follow his tips
You can age like Bernardo LaPallo if you follow his tips.

5. Cinnamon: Premium grade, cold-pressed, high quality cinnamon can do wonders for your health. The aromatic spice has tons of fiber, calcium, and manganese – a very healthy combination which prompted it to be used for thousands of years as part of traditional medicine for cancer, diabetes, and arthritis prevention.

With the help of the foods above, Bernardo LaPallo is still able to live a colorful life that includes reading books and solving crossword puzzles.


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