If you unintentionally let one rip at a public place or in a social situation, you may be horrified of getting caught. However, instead of being embarrassed as you fart in public, you should actually accept the dirty deed and beam with pride. This is because you may have just saved someone’s life. According to the study conducted in the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom, farts could save someone who has inhaled it from different diseases, including cancer, strokes, dementia, arthritis, and heart attack.

Smelling Farts Could Improve Your Health Condition

The study discovered that the gas, known as hydrogen sulfide, which is found in farts as well as in rotten eggs could cure various diseases. Of course, there are a number of cynics who have tried to combat the claim. The truth is the study is quite complex and doesn’t really just involve farts. In reality, the focus of the study was hydrogen sulfide, which is a gas produced by bodily processes and is the one responsible for the unpleasant odor in flatulence.

The Exeter scientists have developed a compound they called the AP39, which aims to deliver hydrogen sulfide to ailing cells in the right doses. Note that too much of this particular gas can be detrimental to your health. However, in the right amounts, specifically in small doses, hydrogen sulfide in the form of AP39 could protect cells’ power producing mitochondria. When you get sick, your cell’s mitochondria get damaged. Over time, the cells lose their energy due to poor condition of mitochondria. You can prevent this from happening with the help of smelling farts, according to the research.

Protecting Cells

As mentioned, the scientists created AP39 to treat stressed cells, which lead to the protection of mitochondria. In the end, the cells remain alive. The study, which was published in the journal MedChemComm, confirmed that hydrogen sulfide does have a ton of benefits. It is important that people understand the gas is harmful in large doses. But thanks to the scientists, they were able to contain smaller amounts of the gas to aid the ailing cells.

Let them have it, you're doing them a favor according to science.
Let them have it, you’re doing them a favor according to science.

Hydrogen sulfide can be deadly, but sniffing a fart or two every day is much safer and more beneficial to the body. So, instead of filling your place with lots of rotten eggs just to be cancer-free, think about inhaling someone else’s intestinal gases to reap the health benefits.


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