Soda is one of the drinks that people love ever since they have been introduced. During a hot summer day, drinking ice cold cola can be just the best thing to do. However, if you love your teeth, you may want to think twice before you start gulping the liquid down.

It is enticing to drink these sweet, sugar-laden fluids, but you could lose your teeth if you drink soda excessively. This is what happened to William Kennewell, who is from South Australia. He lost all his teeth because he got so addicted to soda. He was so hooked up on the beverage that he actually drank one and a half gallons of soda every day. Yes, you read it right: gallons. And this man is only 25 years old.

For three years, Kennewell drank the said amount of soda on a daily basis. There were even days when he drank two gallons each day just to satisfy his cravings for the beverage. Unfortunately for him, his teeth started to rot. He eventually lost all his teeth because his soda addiction led him to have just 13 rotten teeth left in his mouth. The average adult has 23, but all were removed from Kennewell, so he could wear dentures.

It’s Time to Stop Being Addicted to Soft Drinks

While sodas taste good for you, just keep what happened to the young man in mind. He started to drink Coke because he was in a hotel industry where he had easy access to soda. He didn’t want to drink water, so he turned to sodas, which eventually destroyed his teeth. He even had blood poisoning because of the terrible decaying of his teeth. This is why the health professionals who were looking into his condition decided to give him dentures, which indeed helped him feel better.

Don't make your teeth as colorful as these sodas.
Don’t make your teeth as colorful as these sodas.

Kennewell is now using his experience to warn people about the dangers of drinking a lot of soft drinks. Many studies have already proven just how bad these sugary drinks are for people’s health because they can cause several health problems. These include obesity and diabetes.

Because of what happened to Kennewell, the Australian Research Center for Population Oral Health thinks it is a good idea to put warning labels on a can of soda about the drink’s capacity to destroy teeth and cause tooth decay. In the US, it is no secret that many Americans are addicted to soda even though several health organizations have already stated the dangers of drinking soft drinks. Protect your teeth for rot due to soda. Drink in moderation or just stick to water to prevent teeth and health problems.


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