It is no secret that smoking kills. But for many decades, people neither understood nor accepted that tobacco can cause damage to the body. One reason for this is because the dangers come quite slowly. Smoking can boost energy and makes one feel calmer. One tobacco isn’t that harmful – until it becomes a habit and you just wake up one morning with a cough.

Tobacco is dangerous and it is not only linked to lung cancer, but it can also cause stroke and heart disease. Deaths from smoking are said to be around 5 million per year. That’s a big number, but what’s this that experts are now saying about sugar? Health professionals suggest that sugar kills as many people as tobacco can, if not more.

Sugar is Deadly

Just like smoking, the damage you acquire from sugar happens very slowly that you will not notice it. There is a growing number of research that demonstrates just how sugar is related to obesity. And can obesity kill you? The answer is yes! In fact, the number of obese people dying from their condition is so much greater than the number of people who die from smoking: 17 million annually.

Of course, obese people didn’t die because they were obese. The sad truth behind their death was that obesity has led to so many diseases. When you are obese, the risks of obtaining other diseases – including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes – increase. It has been proven that sugar has a direct effect on a person’s health, even when he or she has normal weight.

Most people love to eat something sweet. But when their source for satisfying their sweet tooth comes from artificial sweeteners, they are inviting a wide variety of diseases. Sugar is deadly, especially when consumed in large amounts every day.

Advice from Health Experts

Cigarette vs Sugar, which is worse for your health?
Cigarette vs Sugar, which is worse for your health?

The scientists from the University of California suggest that it is time for people to cut back on their sugar intake. If possible, everyone should avoid eating sugary foods, just like they avoid alcohol and tobacco. Before you buy a product, inspect that it does not contain added sugars, such as refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

Unfortunately, sugar is found in 20% of what people normally eat. Even though more and more people eat and drink sugar-laden products, it is important to be a vigilant consumer. Reading the labels and knowing more about sugar can help protect you from sugar health risks.


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