Eating healthy foods and keeping the body active are two of the most important keys to having a sexier body. You shouldn’t forget about what you drink though. In fact, the liquid you consume can contribute to your weight loss strategy. You not only quench your thirst, but you also avoid packing on pounds. Without further ado, here are ways on how you can hydrate yourself, while keeping your abs flat:

Drink Water

Water has no calories, so you can consume it, while you are on a diet without feeling guilty. But of course, we’re not talking about any kind of water; you have to drink ice cold water, which helps in speeding up your metabolism. For this to be effective, drink at least 16 ounces of ice cold water daily.

Drink Flavored Water

If you’re among those who think plain water is boring, you have no excuse because you can find flavored water. You can even make one for yourself where you add citrus fruits, fresh herbs, and other flavored enhancers. Flavored water helps because it is low in calories and maintains balance on the fluids in your body.

Drink Coconut Water

You shouldn’t just drink to hydrate yourself, but also to replenish the lost electrolytes after any activity. Coconut water contains high amounts of electrolytes, so it hydrates you more efficiently, while giving you more benefits. These include more energy, more stamina, and speedier metabolism.

Drink Healthy Juices

Juices from fruits and vegetables are great ways to hydrate yourself without adding more pounds to your current weight. As you already know, fruits and veggies should be mainstays in your diet and drinking them will keep you healthy and satisfied.

How do you lose weight via simple drink? Let me count the ways.
How do you lose weight via simple drink? Let me count the ways.

Drink Tea

Green and black teas are nutritious and also aid in your weight loss goals. Green tea has the ability to speed up your metabolism, so you get to burn more calories and fat up to 43% more than other drinks. Black tea is also good for you, especially if you aim to trim your waistline. Teas have antioxidants that help get rid of toxins. Make sure you drink unsweetened tea though, whether it is hot or cold.

Drink Black Coffee

A cup of Joe in the morning or an iced coffee in the afternoon will not only give you the energy boost you need, but also boost your weight loss strategy. This is because caffeine can suppress hunger. There are also studies that proven coffee can stimulate thermogenesis in which the body heats up and is therefore able to metabolize faster.

The secret to losing weight is not just about your activities and what’s on your plate, but also about what’s in your cup and glass.


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