Only a PMSing woman would understand a PMSing woman. This is probably the case with graphic designer Parker Jones, who designed a humorous take on premenstrual syndrome through ice cream. The ice cream is PMS, which comes in three flavors: mint choc chip, rocky road, and strawberry swirl. Each one has a punch line relatable for women on their period.

Although many PMSing women will agree that there is nothing funny about the syndrome that causes them to feel bloated, angry, depressed, and irritable, Jones was able to craft a witty way to express PMS feelings.

The ice cream as mentioned has three flavors and it also has words that help women say what they want to say when they don’t feel good during this time of the time. For rocky road ice cream, it says, “Don’t Come Near Me,” which is great for short-tempered women. The strawberry swirl is for “I Think I’m Dying” feeling, while the mint chocolate chip flavor says, “I Need Some More” for women who just can’t stop their food cravings.


Check the Rocky Road flavor.

Rocky Road

Strawberry flavor looks sweet.


Mint Chocolate is far cooler than you can be.

Mint Chocolate Chip

Whichever flavor you prefer, these pints of ice cream can convey what women feel during the emotional stages of their premenstrual syndrome or PMS.


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