Formaldehyde has been known to be carcinogenic and unfortunately for e-cigarette lovers, this colorless pungent gas is also found in their favorite pastime. The gas is said to reside in the vaporized liquid of e-cigs, which is quite scary because formaldehyde levels can be about 10 to 15 times higher than in regular cigarettes.

A study that was published in the Nicotine and Tobacco Research journal stated that the very potent carcinogen, along with nicotine, can be toxic when inhaled. The research, which was led by Naoki Kunugita, informed people that formaldehyde is produced when the wire that is responsible for vaporizing the liquid is inflamed, higher amounts of both nicotine and formaldehyde are produced.

Some E-Cigarettes Have More Formaldehyde Content than Others

Still according to the study, there is a new brand of the electronic cigarette that produces 10 times more formaldehyde than that of regular cigs. While the name of the brand wasn’t publicized, the formaldehyde levels are confirmed based on a test where nine out of 10 revealed extreme formation of the cancer-causing gas.

More Threats with E-Cigs

If learning about the potential cancer effect of electronic cigarettes is not enough, these alternatives to traditional cigarettes have more trouble than they are worth. According to the researchers, e-cigarettes have the potential to energize pathogens that are not only life-threatening, but are also able to resist some drugs. This claim is based on a lab study in which the researchers were able to test the vapor from the e-cigs on live pathogen known as Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) on human cells. The MRSA is resistant to methicillin, which is an antibiotic.

E-cigarettes can cause cancer according to study
E-cigarettes can cause cancer according to study

When the vapor came in contact with the MRSA, it enabled the bacteria to become even more virulent. Aside from this, the vapor from the traditional cigarette alternative can decrease the ability of the human cells to fight against Staphylococcus aureus. It is already disturbing that MRSA lives on the throat, so the negative effect of the vapor from e-cigs easily doubles.

Efforts to Control E-Cigs

Many young people choose e-cigs over traditional cigarettes where the e-cig use boomed in 2013. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) already forbid the selling of e-cigarettes, specifically to minors. They have also promised to create a much stricter policy when it comes to these cigarettes in the coming years. Additionally, the United Nations already banned smoking e-cigarettes even when the smokers are inside a building.


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