With all the resources focusing on cancer, it seems like it is so easy to know how to prevent the disease. Although people knew about the symptoms of cancer, they still ignore them even if they are experiencing those symptoms themselves. This has been proven by a study conducted by Cancer Research in the United Kingdom where researchers revealed that over 50% of adults have experienced symptoms liked to cancer, but only two percent of them those symptoms were due to cancer.

It is important to not only know the symptoms, but recognize them as cancer-related. This is because the best way to find out how to get rid of the fatal disease is to detect it at its early stages. Take a look at these signs and symptoms of cancer that are worth knowing about, so you can get the treatment you need ASAP:

Persistent Symptoms

Coughing or Hoarseness: When you have a cough, it means that your respiratory tract is not in its normal state. However, if it is accompanied by blood and you have been coughing for several weeks now, it is time to go under a CT scan or X-ray.

Difficulty Swallowing: Neck and esophageal cancers can make swallowing difficult. If you didn’t change your diet and you can’t seem to swallow properly, go to your doctor immediately.

Signs of Abnormality

Changes in Bowel Movement: While this can be a sign of a digestive problem, a sudden change in the way your stool appears can be a symptom of colon cancer. Additionally, if you find it difficult to eliminate, this could mean there is a mass that hinders the movement of stool. A colonoscopy should be in order immediately.

Changes in Urinary Habits: Although changes on the frequency and appearance of your urine can mean urinary tract infection, this can also be a sign of kidney or bladder cancer. Talk to your doctor as soon as you notice the changes.

Sudden Onset of Conditions

Weight loss: If you aren’t very active or you’re not on a diet and yet you suddenly lost weight, this should alarm you. Often, this indicates that you have a serious medical condition. It can also be due to the development or growth of tumors in the body.

Fight cancer by detecting symptoms early on.
Fight cancer by detecting symptoms early on.

Bleeding: Vaginal bleeding even when you’re not about to have your period is a common sign of cervical cancer. Rectal bleeding can also mean that you may have colon cancer.

Lump: When suddenly you feel a lump, you should have it checked. Even if it is small, this can be due to breast cancer or prostate cancer.

Through knowing the symptoms and going through routine screenings, you can save your life and get rid of cancer for good.


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