A 42 year-old woman named Sarah Smith experimented on drinking more water every day for four weeks. The primary goal was to get rid of headaches and help improve her digestion. But what happened to her got the beauty-sphere talking excitedly. It seems that hydration is the easiest and most natural way to prevent the signs of aging.

The woman drank three liters of water daily for a month and was able to transform her looks. She started off with dull skin and lines and dark shadows on her face as she documented how water helped her look younger.

Week by Week Transformation

During the first week, she drank more than five pints of water every day. Sarah reported that she began to experience better bowel movement. She also noted that skin flexibility improved, although she did have an outbreak. This is probably because the body was flushing away toxins.

During the second week, she noticed that she lost a pound. What was even more astounding was that the lines on her face became less visible and her complexion was much clearer. The headaches she used to complain about were now gone. Her husband not only observed that she had a flatter stomach, but her cellulite also disappeared.

After the third week, she lost another pound. Looking at the mirror, she noticed that the dark circles around her eyes were no longer prominent. In fact, she had to take a closer look because it appeared as if the dark circles completely vanished at first glance. Her eye bags also became more elastic but no longer too dry. Water even helped improve her concentration and she no longer craved for snacks as much as she used.

Just check that difference in appearance
Just check that difference in appearance

Finally, at the end of the experiment, she lost one more pound. Her skin is almost wrinkle-free with a youthful glow. On the inside, she felt healthier and on the outside, she looked fitter, leaner, and much younger.

How Water Helped

According to research data, one out of five women does not drink enough water, usually less than the recommended eight glasses of water each day. Water is essential to the body since every system depends on water for their functionality. Water is not only for hydration because it actually flushes away the toxins from various vital organs in the body. As a result, your skin’s appearance and texture become smoother and wrinkle-free, making you look 10 years younger.


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