It is easy to disregard the differences between an extrovert and an introvert. However, the differences are actually night and day. Many people think of introverts as shy, but psychologists say introversion is about the response to a stimulus. An introvert does not need a lot of stimuli to feel alive and powerful, unlike extroverts who crave for a more motivated environment.

Several people don’t understand much about introverts, especially when they avoid being social. However, this is just one way they interact with the world. Here are the other ways:

They Don’t Like Small Talks

Introverts don’t like to interact with other people and that is obvious as they don’t like to engage in small talks. They are usually quieter because they tend to be listeners. However, when there is a deeper conversation, they are more comfortable even if it is about philosophical ideas.

It may be surprising that speakers and performers are mostly introverts in nature. They have the ability to use their strengths and they prepare for their show extensively. However, when you remove them from the crowd and they have to deal with small talks after their presentation, they usually fail.

There is a Huge Difference between Boredom and Distraction in an Introverted Mind

The truth is introverts don’t get bored that easily. However, it is easy for them to get distracted because they can easily feel overstimulated. If you put them in an environment that is overwhelming for them, such as being in a large crowd or in an open space, they will easily get sidetracked. Meanwhile, if you put them in a quiet place where they feel at peace, it will truly be difficult for you to divert their attention.

Introverts Choose Their Careers Carefully

More often, you will find an introvert spending their time on their own. If they hang out with their friends, it consists of a small group of people. At work, they want to have their own time, especially when making decisions. Usually, they end up as writers and workers that focus on the behind the scene of events. They don’t want to be in a distracting environment that will provide them with too much stimulus.

If you can’t spot the introvert in your group, look for the one who is closest to the exit. Since introverts are not comfortable when they are in crowded places, they hang near the periphery, such as at the back of a concert hall, an airplane’s aisle row, or anywhere where they will not be surrounded by people.


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