We live in a world where cancer rates are spreading incredibly fast, which is why many experts are looking for ways to help existing cancer patients and those who are high at risk. Alternative treatments have become quite popular and one of those that are considered powerful these days is the lemon and baking soda combination.

Millions die because of cancer and unfortunately, there are companies that choose not to disclose the benefits of the mixture in order for them to profit. Lemons are citrus fruits that have already been studied and proven to contain properties that fight off cancer. When regularly consumed, they can destroy tumors and cysts. By adding sodium bicarbonate or what you know as baking soda, you help normalize the pH levels of the body. In this case, cancer will no longer continue to spread.

How True Is This?

According to a recent study conducted in Europe, you need to consume at least four portions of citrus fruits that weigh 150 grams every week. Doing so can help decrease the chances of getting different types of cancers, including:

• Oral or pharyngeal cancer by up to 53%

• Colorectal cancer by up to 18%

• Stomach cancer by up to 31%

• Throat cancer by up to 58%

Although this particular study did not find positive effects of citrus fruits against breast cancer in women, there is another study conducted in America that showed women who consume about 75 grams of citrus fruit, specifically grapefruit, could experience a reduced risk for the cancer up to 22%. Grapefruit can be consumed raw or in juice form.

The two studies may have some differences, but it is noteworthy that the discovery is almost identical when it comes to the protective levels of citrus in battling cancer. Both studies recorded consumption of about 525 to 600 grams of citrus every week in order to benefit from the fruits’ cancer protection.

Why Is the Combination Effective?

It has been proven that lemon has strong antimicrobial and anti-fungal effect. It is also effective against parasites and worms, while regulating the blood pressure levels. Lemons are also used to reduce stress and are considered a treatment for nerve crises and depression. The citrus fruits can prevent the spread of cells that cause cancer and are said to be 10,000 times better than anti-cancer drugs as well as chemotherapy.

Always remember that
Always remember that

Note though that using lemon juice and baking soda is only a way to kill the cancer cells. Still, this is a better option that chemotherapy, which often has terrifying side effects, including destroying healthy cells.


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