The Pelvic Floor Clinic at the University of Stanford believes that the human body should not sit and should squat instead. However, Western civilization dictates that sitting is the common way to poop. But common doesn’t always mean right and obviously, people have not been moving their bowels the right way for many generations now.

The Right Toilet Posture

In 2003, there was a study where 28 people volunteered to do their business in three different positions: sit on a toilet, sit low, and squat. They were asked to record how long it took them to eliminate, as well as how much effort they needed to exert. The study then concluded that squatting is the best way to do it as the participants agree it takes less time and effort.

The Science behind the Claim

When you squat to poo, you help straighten the colon. Standing pushes up the colon against your puborecatlis muscle, which is where fecal matter is stored. When you sit down to eliminate, you relax the said muscle, but incompletely unlike squatting where the muscle is relaxed fully. When the colon is straightened, the elimination process is so much easier.

Health Benefits of Squatting

When you squat to defecate, you gain several health benefits, including:

1. Reduces the risk of colon cancer

2. Less effort and time needed to eliminate waste

3. Protects your pelvic floor

4. Promotes healthy prostate glands

5. Improves and supports healthy bladder control

6. Protects groin nerves

7. Removes pressure on the uterus

8. Protects the small intestine from waste contamination by preventing waste from re-entering this part of the body

9. Helps train women for easier delivery the natural way

Science has spoken
Science has spoken. Are you pooping the right way?

Squatting also helps you avoid constipation, which is often caused by lack of fiber and adequate water in the body. When improper posture is added to the equation, they become a very bad combination, which results to dry stools that are hard to eliminate. The hard stools that are difficult to push out occur when you are constipated and they could result to hemorrhoids. With the constant pressure needed to get the stools out, anal varicose veins become inflamed, which means you have hemorrhoids.

Needless to say, it is important that you know the proper posture to eliminate and that is by squatting. Avoid digestive illnesses and even specific cancers by choosing the right position whenever you have to eliminate.


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